Looking for a place to sit and relax, a path to your vegetable garden or maybe just a few stepping stones?

Flagstone could be the answer. We currently stock over 15 colors of flagstone in Limestone, Sandstone, Slate and Quartzite. The sizes and shapes of the flagstones vary depending on the product.

Random Flagstone

Random Flagstone is just that, irregular shaped flagstone what is sorted by thickness and sizing. It provides that natural looking, rustic appearance that people love. Most of them are 1 ½” thick and have a surface area of 1-5sqft. Oversize pieces are also available in some colors. Random Flagstone can be used for walkways, patios and stepping stones. We keep a large selection on hand with several others available by special order.

Random Earthtone

Square Cut Flagstone

Typically used by people who want a more “formal” look to their project, Cut Flagstone comes in sizes ranging from 12” X 24” up to 24” X 36” in 6” increments. This style is easy to install and surprisingly affordable. You’ll be amazed at our selection and pricing.

Blue ice