Kitchens & Appliances

We carry everything you need to take the indoors outside.


Outdoor Cabinets

Werever Outdoor Cabinets

Werever’s outdoor kitchen cabinetry has been designed and engineered specifically for outdoor use. Made from High Density Polyethylene, this cabinetry will not split, fade, crack, or chalk. They are engineered for direct exposure to rain, snow, and extreme hot or cold temperatures. They are also stain resistant and extremely easy to clean. It is these characteristics that make it uniquely suited for outdoor application.


Grills, Refrigerators & Appliances

Lynx Professional Grills

Lynx Professional Grills is the top brand in luxury outdoor kitchens. These high end grills have many innovative features which are exclusive to Lynx. The company has more then just grills to offer with a comprehensive product lineup. This includes; cocktail stations, outdoor refrigerators, ice machines, burners, warming drawers, and many more additional accessories.


The Cobb is a compact, portable, versatile, energy efficient cooker that perfectly complements the lifestyle of an outdoor enthusiast or a home entertainer. The Cobb Premier Grill is one of the most versatile portable charcoal grills on the planet. It barbecues, grills, bakes, smokes, and boils! The Cobb Grill is light-weight, simple to use, and easy to maintain.