Retaining Walls

A Nice garden wall or stone planter can make any setting look more inviting.

We have the products to accomplish it. Wall stone comes in two basic categories Рrandom or guillotined.

Random Wall Stone is often used to create a more rustic effect. These stone vary in size and shape, but they always have two flat sides for stacking purposes and are generally 8″-10″ deep. Depending on the look you desire this may be the material for your project.

Guillotined Wall Stone comes in 8″ and 12″ depths with random heights and lengths. This form of wall stone is more rectangular and creates a more formal look. Typically Guillotined Wall Stone is much easier to install.

GreenIdeas retaining wall 9029

Do you have a existing concrete wall that you are tired of looking at?

Turn it into a beautiful natural stone wall by cladding it with building stone – ask us how!